Openings and Closings

Our Opening includes: 

  • removing and cleaning cover
  • Washing concrete deck around pool
  • Vacuuming pool if water is clear
  • Start top-off of pool water, or advise customer to do so
  • Clean off equipment pad and inspect equipment
  • Test for balance and sanitizer
  • Add appropriate chemicals to balance and sanitize
  • Advise customer if water is way out of balance so they can test and adjust daily or have us perform that service for an additional charge
  • If water is way out of balance, we might advise dilution – which is a partial drain and refill
  • If pool water is extremely bad, we may advise total draining, chemical washing and refilling pool. 
  • Start system and check equipment. Troubleshoot and advise of repair costs if there’s a problem with any piece of the equipment, i.e. pump, filter, heater, etc.
  • Test-fire heater and check operation
  • If water is not clear and chlorine level is zero, the cost of chemicals to clear up water may be in the hundreds (that’s why we sometimes recommend dilution or complete drain, wash, and refill).
  • If necessary, a second trip is included.

Our Closing includes:

  • Cleaning off cover
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Backwashing/cleaning the filter
  • Removing the handrails/ladders
  • Disassembling and draining the equipment
  • Testing and balancing the water
  • Winterizing the lines
  • Covering the pool/spa
  • Cleaning up the area and advising for any potential issues for the following spring
  • A winter follow-up is included with our closing!!