Off-Gassing Tri-chlor tablets

(Potential DANGER)

This is just a note about safety from some of my observations —

Quite often it appears the lids on the Chlorine containers do not get put back on properly.  Of course any and all chemicals used in conjunction with your pool or spa should be stored properly.  They should be stored in a cool, dry place with good ventilation and not close to cars, tools, and definitely not in same building with gasoline, other chemicals, paints, solvents, etc.; and the containers should always be sealed between usage with the original lids, caps, etc.

If the Tri-chlor tablets are subject to moisture (rain, wet hands, wet utensils, humidity, etc.) “off-gassing” can occur (this is stronger than the normal fumes that occur within the container).  This can also take place if contaminated with other chemicals. 

The Chlorine gas that is given off is very dangerous, plus the tablets could generate enough heat to start a fire.  If you should ever experience a situation like this, call your local fire department and be sure and tell them all the chemicals that are involved.  If it’s a situation you can handle, but need additional information you can always call us or

CHEMTREC at 1-800-424-9300

(which is a National hotline supported by the chemical manufacturers)

I have additional information if anyone has interest and as always please be sure to call with questions – we are here to serve you.

                                                          Jim Fairbanks