Spring letter 2017

Spring 2017

Dear Customer:

 With each new year — as spring dawns and winter becomes a distant memory, emotions are naturally lifted and hope springs forth once again. The prelude to summer inspires warm feelings and happy thoughts.

As this swimming season approaches we again offer our services.  Please tell us of any needs, desires or grievances, so we can endeavor to adjust for better service.

Swimming remains such an enjoyable and healthy activity and there is nothing more valuable and relaxing as quiet time by the water!



          Jim Fairbanks


  • Review Safe Use Guidelines with your family and anyone using the pool or spa (If you need an extra copy, please call!). 
  • Water balance is extremely important – clear water does NOT indicate “balanced”
  • Water that is not balanced will deteriorate and quickly break down many aspects of your swimming pool.
  • In order to keep water balanced, you should maintain pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. In order to keep it sanitized you should maintain a proper sanitizer level plus use Oxy-Brite to shock with.  To assist towards clean, clear water – use Algimycin 3000, Sequa-Sol, SeaKlear Clarifier, and Natural Clear (an enzyme product) each week.         
  • In order to retain water balance you should maintain these chemical levels: Free Chlorine 1.0 – 3.0ppm,   pH 7.2 – 7.6,   Total Alkalinity 125 – 150ppm, Calcium Hardness 200 – 250ppm for plaster and 175 – 225ppm for vinyl, painted, and fiberglass.
  • Never swim if the water is cloudy.



  • Please do not put the Automatic Pool Sweep in the swimming pool before we completely “open” the pool; this only causes cloudy water and can be expensive to clear up!
  • Please keep your dog inside or tied up when you know we are coming – we cannot be responsible for your pet.
  • To avoid added charges, please have your cover pumped off and the pool water brought up to swimming level before we arrive to open it (unless you are advised otherwise).
  • At the time of your opening and closing a complete water analysis will be performed.  We also suggest that it be done at least once during the summer. [Do regular testing daily or a minimum of 2-3 times per week.]

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